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We are a Contract Research Organization (CRO). Contract Research Organizations are now the major suppliers for clinical investigation and development of pharmaceutics and biologics. CROs help biopharmaceutical companies through all clinical phases of drug development. Our company is focused on the early part of that process, Phase I and II clinical trials. The purpose of our CRO is to investigate biologics and pharmaceutics (called test articles) that may become treatments for medical conditions in the future. Our CRO consists of a facility where volunteers come to be administered test articles according to a FDA approved clinical protocol. The product of the business is the clinical trial data which is obtained by following these protocols. Various types of volunteer tests, which often include blood sampling, are performed before, during and after test article administration to obtain the data. 

Data collected in association with a clinical study performed at Analab Clinical Research, Inc. remains confidential in compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

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