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Analab Clinical Research provides a professional environment for conducting early phase clinical studies. In initial discussions with clients we perform a thorough review of preclinical/clinical data and protocols and assess our ability to meet the anticipated needs.

Our clients can rely on the following feature capabilities of Analab Clinical Research:

  • Comprehensive volunteer safety program
  • Strong medical and scientific expertise in early phase biopharmaceutical research
  • Sound understanding of pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics and biopharmaceutical mechanisms of action, and the importance of protocol design to achieving study objectives
  • Detailed planning  and communications with the client project team and service vendors
  • Rapid study set-up
  • Rapid volunteer recruitment and high retention rates
  • Prompt and effective communication with client project teams and medical monitors
  • Compliance with GCP/ICH guidelines and preservation of data integrity
  • High capacity for problem solving
  • Adherence to the study protocol requirements
  • Detailed study-specific staff training and pre-study conduct planning

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